“Foreign Money” Election Campaign Donations are Illegal

What is “foreign money”? In the strict legal sense, “foreign [...]

2020-02-29T11:35:59-05:00February 29th, 2020|Updates|

Calling All REPUBLICAN Virginia Women! Your Party Needs YOU!

Thinking of getting into Politics? Here is YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Please [...]

2020-02-24T08:44:12-05:00February 24th, 2020|Updates|

Legal Resident Voter ID, Registration and Location

How Many Voters Are Not Voting at their Legal Residence [...]

2020-02-19T20:31:36-05:00February 19th, 2020|Letter To Our Representatives, Updates|

Democrat Red Flag Bill Violates the US and Virginia Constitutions

Do Democrats understand and know the issues when they propose [...]

2020-02-11T23:51:46-05:00February 11th, 2020|Letter To Our Representatives, Updates|

Bill Tracking & Live Streams

Track bills through the Virginia General Assembly by clicking here: [...]

2020-01-28T09:04:36-05:00January 28th, 2020|Letter To Our Representatives, Updates|

Are Virginia elections fair and legal?

The answer is NO. Virginia elections are a sham. [...]

2020-01-25T12:20:42-05:00January 25th, 2020|Updates|