About Paint Virginia Red

This PAC is for you, patriotic Republicans who want to preserve our American Constitution, our country, and all of its localities. Today, we are at a tipping point of losing our state and country to Democrat socialists. As you know, socialism is a power grab by Democrats to steal your power, steal your rights, steal your money, steal your individuality.
Our mission is simple: Raise money from Conservative like-minded individuals, in order to safeguard our Constitution by recruiting, funding, and electing great Republican candidates.

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If SCOTUS finds against @realDonaldTrump, forcing the release of his tax returns, then EVERY Republican AG and prosecutor must subpoena the tax returns of EVERY democrat politician. #TRUMP2020

Don Lemon is NOT a racist. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/07/27/cnns_don_lemon_bill_oreillys_criticism_of_black_community_doesnt_go_far_enough.html

Attention #NFL and Commissioner #RogerGoodell: We are one Nation under God. We have one American Flag. And we have one National Anthem. Stop the pandering! @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump @PARISDENNARD @KatrinaPierson @FoxNews @NFL

This little d*ckwad blames Trump on "bullying" him and that's why he's retiring from the Military????

Yeah right, like Trump spends ANY of his important time even thinking about you - f'ing TRAITOR!

Two words for you, you guilty little pr*ck.....Military Tribunals!!!

EPIC TUCKER CARLSON: Can the Left Lead a Country they Hate? (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/epic-tucker-carlson-can-left-lead-country-hate-video/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons via @gatewaypundit @TuckerCarlson

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“We The People”
  • Secure borders & immigration reform

  • Deportation of illegal aliens

  • Voting only where the citizen resides

  • Pre-existing condition health insurance

  • Competitive interstate private insurance

  • Low taxes & right to work

  • Elimination of fraud, waste, and abuse

  • Innovative & efficient government

  • Elimination of needless regulations

  • High quality, low cost education

  • No late-term abortion

  • Protection of constitutional rights & freedoms

  • The right to keep and bear arms

  • American citizen voter ID cards

  • Term limits for Congress


Your Support

Donations are needed to keep our Conservative movement going, maintain our website, buy advertising, fund candidates, and most importantly WIN elections for Republicans in Virginia.

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