The answer is NO. Virginia elections are a sham.
Realizing the upcoming 2020 Primary Election is on Tuesday March 3, 2020 and the General Election is on Tuesday November 3, 2020, EVERY Republican must be registered to vote and vote in both these elections. There is NO excuse. We need 100% Republican turnout !!! 51 million eligible voters in the United States are NOT registered to vote. Please visit to register, make updates, or request an absentee ballot to vote. The deadline to register to vote for the March 3, 2020 primary election is February 10, 2020

Although Virginia elections are not fair or legal, 100% Republican voting will overcome the unfair and unlawful Virginia election practices. These unfair and unlawful practices are: non-designated political primary voting, voting in districts outside of legal residence, foreign state money campaign contributions, gerrymandering, and illegal alien voting. There is little that can be done to change these unlawful and unfair practices for this election cycle; but, now is the time to contact your Virginia Senators and Delegates with letters like this demanding that Virginians want fair and lawful elections by election year 2021.

Each month during this 2020 Election year, Paint Virginia Red will highlight each of the unfair and illegal election practices and how they should be corrected with new laws and enforcement. This month we are highlighting “designated political party voting”. What does this mean? Before we answer, let’s explain how current Virginia Primary voting works. If you are an eligible registered voter, you can vote in either the Republican or Democrat Party Primary on March 3, 2020. Does this sound fair and legal? Without thinking about this further, you might be fooled and say “yes”. However, is it TRULY a Republican Party Primary if Democrat voters can vote in the Republican Primary? Likewise, is it TRULY a Democrat Primary if Republicans can vote in the Democrat Primary? Of course not. Why should Republicans be able to decide which Democrat is the nominee? Why should Democrats decide which Republican is the nominee? See the problem?

Let’s take a frequent worst case scenario that happens every time there is no primary involving the incumbent. This happened 1n 2018, when Democrat Tim Kaine ran unopposed with NO Democrat primary opponent and the Republican Party had two Republican Primary Candidates Nick Freitas and Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate. Nick Freitas was the stronger and favored Republican Candidate. With no vote needed in the Democrat Primary for Tim Kaine to be the Democrat nominee in the general election, what do you think many Democrats did? Answer is, Democrats voted in the Republican Party for the WEAKER LESS electable Republican candidate Corey Stewart. And, of course, with the Democrat votes, Corey Stewart won the Republican nomination and lost the general election to Democrat Tim Kaine. Obviously, this unfair primary process works both ways, for or against Republican or Democrat candidates, depending on the party and its incumbent.

The Primary system in Virginia is currently broken, wrong, unfair, and unlawful. The simple way to correct primary elections in Virginia is to follow the way another state runs their primary correctly by claiming party affiliation at the time of voter registration. New York is a political party affiliation registration state. Voters would still have chances to change parties by a deadline that is 90 days or more before the primary election. This will ensure fair primary elections in Virginia. Whereby, only the respective voters of a particular party are voting in their designated and registered party. Also, Independents would NOT be allowed to vote in any primary unless they registered with a party. This makes perfect sense and would be a REAL primary when ONLY Republicans vote in Republican Party Primaries and ONLY Democrats vote in Democrat Party Primaries. We need to CHANGE THE LAW, so that a REAL primary system is created to ensure the best Republican nominees are chosen by Republicans for the best chance for Republicans to win general elections in Virginia.

Later this year, I will be writing a draft Bill that will be presented to Republican Delegates for introduction to their committees for review. Please contact your Virginia lawmakers and DEMAND they fix this broken primary system.

Next month, we will point out the unfair and unlawful voting by voters outside of their correct resident voting districts causing those elections to be decided unfairly and wrong.

Thank you for your support. Let’s PAINT VIRGINIA RED !!!