What is “foreign money”?

In the strict legal sense, “foreign money” cannot enter any federal, state, or local elections. “Campaigns may not solicit or accept contributions from foreign nationals. Federal law prohibits contributions, donations, expenditures and disbursements solicited, directed, received or made directly or indirectly by or from foreign nationals in connection with any election — federal, state or local. This prohibition includes contributions or donations made to political committees and building funds and to make electioneering communications.”

“A foreign national is: An individual who is not a citizen of the United States, and not lawfully admitted for permanent residence (as defined in 8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(20)); or A foreign principal, as defined in 22 U.S.C. § 611(b). Section 611 defines a foreign principal as a group organized under the laws of a foreign country or having its principal place of business in a foreign country. The statute specifically mentions foreign governments, political parties, partnerships, associations and corporations.”

The intent of this law is to prevent the foreign influence of federal, state, and local elections. The question becomes, what is “foreign influence”? From where? And, how does that foreign influence affect elections? The federal law points to the exclusion of foreign nationals and foreign organizations. This law stops the influx of money from “foreign” outside sources that would enter and control the outcome of all jurisdictional elections in America. We understand the law very clearly when it relates to those “foreign” individual parties and organizations from outside the United States. But, what about money from those “foreign” individuals and organizations inside the United States and from outside a certain state election or outside of a Congressional district or City Council territory? The legal definition of “foreign” is “another jurisdiction”. Therefore, wouldn’t money from outside of an election jurisdiction within the United States be considered “foreign money” too? Since, outside territory money would influence another non-related voting territory’s election the answer should be YES.

It is only logical that the Federal law’s intent must be extended to not only include foreign nationals and foreign organizations, but to also to include those American individuals and American organizations that are also outside of any state and local election, as well. We should also consider foreign American money that comes from outside of a state or local jurisdiction election illegal.

Why must all foreign money be eliminated from all elections? The perfect example is happening in Virginia right now between 2017 to 2020. Non-Virginia Special interest individuals and organizations from New York and California are flooding Virginia candidates at the state and local levels with a lot of money to push their “foreign”, outsider, non-Virginia agendas. Candidates running for office, when they win, must take an oath of office to represent their constituents in Virginia, their districts, and their localities. This oath is violated by the impropriety or appearance of impropriety of that “foreign” money that is introduced into those Virginia state or local elections in order to sell those non-Virginia or non-local agenda items to those Virginia state or local elected officials in exchange for “foreign money” campaign donations. This is wrong and must be considered illegal. We must apply the same intent of the foreign national individual and foreign organization to the American individual and American Company within Virginia state and local elections. Outside foreign money that enters an election from another state or location from other than where the election is taking place, buying politicians and influence, is bribery with foreign money.

How much money?

2019 Virginia State elections are the most recent and best example of foreign state money. “During September [2019], the 128 Democratic candidates for the Virginia House and Senate received about 2,500 donations totaling almost $3.34 million from outside Virginia… Democrats got nearly $2 million from donors in D.C., almost $567,000 from New York and $263,000 from California, as well as donations from 43 other states. Republicans, on the other hand, raised about $614,000 from supporters in D.C., $53,000 from Georgia, $24,000 from Florida and smaller amounts from 32 other states… Everytown for Gun Safety, a group that was founded by New York businessman Michael Bloomberg and advocates for universal background checks on firearms purchases and other gun control measures, made 26 donations totaling almost $500,000 to Democratic legislative candidates in Virginia last month, records show…. Other out-of-state organizations that made monetary donations of at least $50,000 to Democrats were: EMILY’s List, a D.C.-based group that funds women candidates who support abortion rights — 13 donations totaling $766,000….Democracy PAC, a D.C.-based committee affiliated with Democrats — 15 donations totaling $575,000…The Service Employees International Union of New York — 171 donations totaling about $318,000…The Future Now Fund, a D.C.-based organization that supports “progressive candidates” — 18 donations totaling $117,500…The 314 Action Victory Fund, a D.C.-based group concerned about climate change — two donations totaling $75,000…The Green Advocacy Project, a California-based environmental group — five donations totaling $50,000. Only one out-of-state group contributed more than $50,000 to Republican candidates in September: the Republican State Leadership Committee, based in Washington. It made 12 donations totaling $585,000. Six out-of-state individuals each gave Virginia Democrats at least $25,000 last month. They included John Frantz, a retired business executive in Massachusetts, who made 27 donations totaling $73,500, and Lisa Mennet, a mental health care advocate in Seattle, Washington, with six donations totaling $51,000. The biggest out-of-state donation that Virginia Republicans received in September was $4,000 from Tatnall Hillman, a retiree in Massachusetts.” “”Most Republicans were being outspent in the House [of Delegates] and [state] Senate as Democrats from across the country piled on. It’s not that Republicans don’t have the resources, they just didn’t put them into Virginia.”

In September 2019, “Democrats running for the General Assembly reported raising a combined $8.1 million during September. Republicans raised a combined $4.6 million. In September 2019 alone about 28% of Virginia General Assembly campaign donations came from outside Virginia. Of the $66 million raised for the 2017 Virginia Governor’s race, $33 million came from out of state donors. This means that at least 50% of the political “influence” is coming from outside the state of Virginia; having the effect of outsider mandates on how Virginians must live their lives. This was NEVER the intent of the founding fathers for State and local government. Our founding fathers and current laws intent are clear, no “foreign” meddling in any elections; federal, state, and local. This is NOT acceptable. This is out of state and out of local jurisdiction election meddling. Out of state individuals and organizations must never influence Virginia elections, laws, and policy. These individuals and organizations are not residents or headquartered in Virginia, do not pay income tax in Virginia, and have no vested interest in Virginia citizens and their quality of life. These are “foreign” individuals and organizations trying to thrust their ideology and agenda onto Virginia. When an outside individual or organization writes a large check to a candidate, what do they expect? Does their money come with no strings attached? Of course not. These outside entities would NOT give, if they were not assured their special interest legislation or agenda. This is truly an unlawful “quid pro quo”.

Politicians are clearly being bought to vote for out of state special interest legislation. The most obvious foreign state money infiltration was done by Democrat Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg’s EveryTown USA gun confiscation efforts. During the 2/25/20 Democrat Presidential Primary Debate Bloomberg admitted by stating that he “bought” 21 Congressional freshmen seats from around the country. “…Everytown gave $2.5 million to Virginia Democratic candidates who ran on a gun safety platform. As a result, the group said it was the largest outside donor in the state’s election. “ “Foreign state money” campaign donations violate every oath of office, and should be criminal. Virginia is ground zero for the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. There were huge pro-gun and other legislation rallies opposing these foreign entity special interest agendas. Virginians will never let their Constitutional Rights be stolen by any foreign individual or corporation. “Foreign State money” campaign donations must not continue, and must no longer be tolerated.

How can we fix this?

Eliminating outside money in state and local elections is simple. “Virginia has some of the loosest spending regulations in the country. The state has practically no oversight to ensure candidates don’t use their campaign funds for their own personal use. It is also one of only eleven states to allow individuals to make unlimited contributions to campaigns.“ Tighten these “regulations”. These practices must stop, and new laws preventing foreign money must be enacted. State lawmakers must write non-ambiguous and non-conflicting laws and enforce them. The framework for corporations already exist. When an outside corporation enters another state to do business they are referred to as a “foreign corporation” legal entity . These foreign corporations must register as foreign entities and must pay a foreign corporation registration fee to do business within the outside state. Therefore, if corporations that are located in a different state are “foreign corporations”, then why isn’t campaign donation money coming from another state “foreign money”? Outside state money really is “foreign state money” and must be outlawed.

What can you do?

Send your letters to Richmond demanding that NO outside “foreign” state or local jurisdiction campaign donation money be allowed to be offered to, and accepted by, Virginia State and local candidates.