Hello {Name of Representative},

Please do NOT pass any additional firearm ban laws. Simply enforce ALL the laws that are already in effect.

We do NOT have a firearm problem. We have a broken family problem. 75% of black families are “broken” and fatherless. 78% of the prison population is black. The majority of gun crime is black on black in only a few cities. Yet, only 13% of Americans are black.

We have a mental health crisis in America. 60% of firearm deaths are suicide. There are 70,000 opioid deaths per year; 3-times the rate of firearm suicides.

Yet, in Virginia there is legislation to ban AK-47’s & AR-15’s which are semi-automatic rifles and fire at the same rate as semi-automatic handguns. You might be surprised to hear that there were only 62 rifle homicides in Virginia last year; this includes the AR & AK “assault rifle”.

There is NO such thing as an “assault rifle”. There is NO difference between an “assault rifle” and any other firearm, except they look scarier. All firearms once fired at someone constitute the crime of “assault”.

Another interesting fact, based on population rate, Illegal aliens commit half the firearm homicides. The US population is about 320 million, with illegal aliens making up 10% of the population (30 million) and committing 10% of all firearm homicides. Therefore, illegal aliens commit half the firearm homicides on a population rate basis.

Now that we put things into proper context with the previous facts. Please do not legislate any further gun laws. Please also take into consideration the following additional facts that also do NOT support more gun control laws.

All the facts demonstrate the need to lessen gun restrictions for law abiding individuals and eliminate “gun free zones”, so innocent people can protect themselves and others. Good people with guns are NOT the problem. Good people with guns are needed for protection from bad people with guns based on our US Constitution.

Our US & Virginia Constitutions, State Code & Supreme Court say, “…..right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”, “; …military should be governed by civil power.”,
“… militia shall consist of all able-bodied residents of Virginia who are citizens of the United States…”. That’s us.

There are 8.5 million Virginians. 2.8 million people, of ALL political parties, own firearms. Majority of homes have firearms. Of the 60,000 Deaths In Virginia last year ONLY 340 were firearm homicides, ZERO in my James City County. The Virginia firearm homicide rate is ONLY .004%. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightening, than murdered with a gun. Virginia has the 4th lowest violent crime rate in the nation, because un-infringed gun ownership is a deterrent.

Virginia doesn’t have a firearm problem. Dangerous cities have a firearm-ban problem. Radical special interest groups falsely blame gun violence on law abiding Citizens in order to disguise their agenda of power, money & control. In the US Annually, gun owners prevent 2.5 million crimes. 90% of gun crime takes place in gun free zones. Criminals don’t follow laws. If gun rights are taken away, Virginians can’t defend themselves.

State Representatives, you have a duty & took an oath to uphold our Constitution. Since, law enforcement does NOT have a duty to protect Virginians and government CANNOT guarantee our protection, please do not do anything to infringe on Virginians’ rights to protect themselves with any semi-automatic weapon they choose to be best for them.

Over 91% of Virginia jurisdictions have already committed to protecting the 2nd Amendment with various forms of a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary or Constitution Resolution, endorsed by many Sheriffs with their willingness to deputize citizens in order to fulfill their oaths to the same Constitution guaranteeing that “the right to bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed”; so citizens can protect themselves and assist law enforcement by deterring or preventing crime. This action sends a resounding message to preserve our Constitutional Rights and keep Virginia safe & secure.

If you choose not to follow the law and the will of the people, you will be wasting ALL of your legislative time and your Virginia budget will be tied up in court battles for the next two years, until you are NOT re-elected.

If you would like to debate these facts, I am available any time for a non-emotional, sensible, factual discussion.

Best Regards from your Constituent,

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